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Bee hives and swarms can be frightening. When they infest your home or business, they can make the area surrounding your home uncomfortable for you and your family members, customers, or workers . We understand this and realize the importance. The best way to get rid of bees and swarms is by hiring a professional Bee Hive Removal and relocation San Diego company.

Well-trained Professionals

Bee hives and swarms can be frightening. When they infest your home or business, they make the atmosphere of your home uncomfortable for you and your family members, customers, or workers . Apart from this, they can also damage your properties. The best way to get rid of bees and swarms is by hiring a professional Bee Hive Removal Los Angeles, Bee Hive Removal Orange County, or Bee Hive Removal San Diego company.

Environmentally Safe

Furthermore, we know the adequate and safe organic dosages which should be applied, and where they are to be applied. Our experts have the required knowledge, the right training, as well as needed experience to help distinguish the kinds of bee hives and swarms invading your home or property and decide how to remove and relocate them. This is why we should be the point of call for your Bee Removal Orange County, Bee Removal San Diego, and Bee Swarm Los Angeles.

Personalized Plan

In addition, protecting your home from bee infestation is highly necessary if you would like to ensure the safety of your home. For your Live Bee Removal Los Angeles, Live Bee Removal Orange County, and Live Bee Removal San Diego, as a professional bee removal and relocation company, we will be able to create the specific plan which suits your control requirements. Some of the factors that we take into consideration include the size of the house, bee infestation level, as well as long-term prevention techniques. We also continue monitoring your home and its surrounding, while showing you the particular treatment territories and the improvements.

It is usually encouraged to get your bee infestations professionally removed, and relocated. With this, you can live happily, and comfortably, while you welcome anyone into your home with pride and euphoria. At Bee Man, we offer exceptional customer service, state-of-the-art bee removal, and relocation techniques, with a fantastic team of well-trained bee removal and relocation experts. For your various residential and commercial Bee Hive Removal Los Angeles, Live Bee Removal Orange County, and Bee Removal San Diego, we can perfectly get the job done. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Specializing in“Live Removal”of Hive and Swarms

We are beekeepers who are dedicated to the live removal and relocation of honeybees. Our goal at Bee Man is to provide immediate bee removal and quality customer service and affordable cost to all residential, commercial, and government locations.

Identify your bee problem

At Bee Man, we believe that bees are necessary for the existence of life. This is why we carry out live, non-chemical, humane removal of bee swarms, external hives and internal hives. The bees are then relocated to a new territory where they are allowed to pollinate, live, and thrive. For your Bee Hive Removal Los Angeles, Bee Hive Removal Orange County, and Bee Hive Removal San Diego, we are the perfect fit.

Bees while being an essential and vitally important part of the eco system can also be very dangerous and destructive if left to their own devices in your home, business or landscape.. A bee sting contains apitoxin , which is also known as honey bee venom, it causes local inflammation and is what causes pain and swelling in the area that has been stung, making that part of the skin reddish and sometimes itchy. If you are allergic, a bee sting can be very serious and has caused fatalities as well, like in 2014, In Arizona, a man died because of multiple bee stings. That’s why it’s important to know if you are allergic and to get the bee’s removed safely and completely to avoid these situations.

Sothern California has a very active bee population because of the weather, long warm season and abundant flowers. This is why we provide our services for San Diego counties. Getting a bee swarm on your property or if you have an existing hive, you need to get it removed so they don’t come back in the future. Call us immediately by contacting Bee Man Removal and Relocation. Our services are used and referred all over San Diego. If you are looking for bee removal in Caramel Valley,  or bee removal in San Diego, then you are at the perfect place. We will get rid of any beehives or wasp nests on your property always using the best method available.

First of all, identify where the bee swarm or hive is located, then contact Bee Man removal and relocation who can send the experts out to your location that day .

Bee Swarm

If you have a bee swarm in or on your property then you should contact a bee swarm expert as soon as you can. If you live in San Diego then our San Diego bee removal experts will take care of your honeybee problem. Contacting us immediately would be the best way to assure that we can get them removed before they get fully settled.


Bee hives which are not situated inside a building (or walls), they are known as external beehive. You can often see them in trees or birdhouses or hanging from the fence (or tree). Whenever you notice a bee hive near your location then you should immediately contact our bee removal experts in San Diego (or honey bee removal San Diego if you live in San Diego).

Internal / Wall Hive

An internal beehive is the most dangerous and destructive. Not only can Bee’s pose an inconvenience to your family and pets but the damage to your property can be immense. Keeping an eye out for a stream of bee’s going in and out of your home or outdoor enclosures is a sure sign of a hive and that needs to be addressed. So if your in Orange County then you can contact our beehive removal Orange County CA experts.

Wasps are also as dangerous as bees. Wasps look more terrifying than bees because they are bigger. Nevertheless, do not worry if you have a wasp nest in your location because the Bee Man will remove wasp nests too.

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    • Mark from BeeMan was prompt and courteous. He thoroughly answered my many questions, and was honest about what it would take to safely remove the swarm that was in my tree.  I highly recommend BeeMan for any bee situation!

      ANDY B. MOM
    • Came within 2 hours of me calling. Mark was great and secured our area quickly. In and out with a 90 day guarantee. I would call them again and recommend them to others!

    • Excellent Service from BeeMan and Mark!  I manage an apartment complex and had bee problems with a swarm and a hive.. Mark came out and removed the swarm we had and also a hive that was inside one of the eave's in a 8plex apartment buildings we have.  He got them out, closed up the area and did not just fumigate the bees, he kept them alive which is very important to me. Thanks for the great service, I will call you next time!

      NADIA Q. Mark & Sons
    • The BeeMan rules!!, we had a swarm of bees invade the job site preventing my guys from working. I called Mark in the afternoon and he came out first thing the next morning and removed the bees in 30 minutes and they were alive!  He was out of there and my guys were working again! Thanks BeeMan